Welcome to Silver Reflection.

Silver Reflection Posters Inc., is the holding company for the following photography companies:


Operating as Silver Reflection, which is located in Toronto, Ontario, specializes in wedding and
portrait photogrpahy. We do not just take photographs of you, or of your event. Our mission is to
capture all the Special Moments of your event and put it all together to tell a story.


Silver Reflection Posters is a producer of unique high-quality aviation posters. Currently our
emphasis is on depicting frontline United States Armed Services aircraft at night.


Action Pix specialises in on-site action event photography. Whenever there is a competition,
tournament, race, club event, game, or...anything you can imagine where participants
could (or should) have photographs to remember the occasion, we can help! During and
after the events, participants can view their photos at our booth.We offer prints and photo
CD's on-site as well as online image viewing.


Please feel fre to contact us with any enquiries:
We are located in Thornhill, Ontario.

Tel: 416-712-9895